Mark Joseph, Producer

Mr. Joseph brings his extensive experience in filmmaking to Reagan as lead producer. He is currently an associate producer on the film Max Rose, starring Jerry Lewis. In 2010 he produced the film Doonby, starring John Schneider and Robert Davi. He has been involved in the development and/or marketing of 30 feature films including The Chronicles of Narnia, RayHoles and The Passion of The Christ, for which he also produced the film’s inspired-by soundtrack.

Ralph Winter, Producer

Ralph Winter is an industry veteran with over $2b in film performance having been a producer on the Star Trek and X-Men series. His last film X-Men Origins: Wolverine grossed over $370mm worldwide. He is a popular speaker at industry events such as Comi-Con and college campuses.

Howard A. Klausner, Screenwriter

Howard A. Klausner is a twenty-year veteran screenwriter, author and filmmaker. His writing credits include Space Cowboys, The Last Ride, and The Grace Card

Sean McNamara, Director

Sean McNamara Director Sean McNamara has directed over thirty feature length films for both television and theatrical release. Sean is best known for his feature film Soul Surfer, which generated more than $100MM in total revenue and achieved the prestigious A+ CinemaScore rating, one of only seventy-nine in the last 36 years. He has directed Oscar winners Jon Voight, Marisa Tomei, Helen Hunt, and William Hurt multiple times as well as Golden Globe winners Jamie Lee Curtis, Pierce Brosnan, and two-time Oscar nominee James Woods. His fi lm “Miracle Season” was just released on screens nationwide.